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Heading to Austria Via the Italian Alps

We took this route through San Leonardo in Passiria once before 4 years ago

And last time we stopped in this village San Leonardo in Passiria to have lunch at this little cafe, which Jacqui remembers as having the best tuna sandwich....ever. We did not remember the name of the cafe and or town, or which road it was on. so I spent the whole morning trying to work out which road we took last time, and just as I was about to give up and resign to the fact I will not find it again, all of a sudden the buildings started to look familiar and the girls spotted the cafe PHC_1970Sonnyphotossad face, no more Tuna sandwich on the menu, it has new owners now PHC_1968SonnyphotosBelle's face lol PHC_1973Sonnyphotos PHC_1977SonnyphotosThe town ( that used to have the best Tuna sandwich in the world ) PHC_1981SonnyphotosEvan gets his panoramic shot PHC_1986Sonnyphotosoh my, just realised this is the same photo as 4 years ago, click here to see  PHC_1987Sonnyphotosas is this road shot very similar  PHC_1991Sonnyphotosso yeah, we took this same road 4 years ago, here is the original post PHC_1994Sonnyphotoswhere we are  PHC_1995Sonnyphotostime for another leg stretch onece we reached the top of the "Passo Di Monte Giovo " PHC_2000Sonnyphotoswhile Jacqui shoots the girls Evan & I spotted a Marmot that has just gone down a hole in these rocks PHC_2002Sonnyphotosin winter time, this would be the top of a ski run PHC_2006Sonnyphotosthere he is again , can you spot him PHC_2007Sonnyphotossee him now PHC_2011Sonnyphotosthere PHC_2016Sonnyphotoswe spotted these critters 4 years ago as well on the mountains in Hintertux scroll down and you will them at the bottom of the waterfall PHC_2023SonnyphotosGirls in the background totally oblivious to the fact one of their favourite animals is watching them PHC_2025SonnyphotosSeen so many of these along our trip and always wanted a photo of the girls standing on them.  PHC_2026SonnyphotosIndia was hesitant at first, thinking she would roll away PHC_2029Sonnyphotosnice PHC_2030SonnyphotosI said there is no way that would roll away, I'll pay you 5$ if you can move it or roll it just a little PHC_2031SonnyphotosIndia keen to take up that challenge, but no luck PHC_2032SonnyphotosEven with Belle helping, not budging :-) PHC_2034SonnyphotosAnd finally we arrive at India's favourite hotel in the whole wide world PHC_2035SonnyphotosSport Vital in Hintertux Austria PHC_2038SonnyphotosEvan stoked to be on a super comfy bed

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