Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Palm Beach Barrenjoey Head land revisited

Black is Black SYD_8294SonnyphotosPromised the girls we would go for a look up to the lighthouse After my visit there with L&B in November, and the great shots I got there that time, ( click here to see ) time to revisit SYD_8296Sonnyphotossurf's up SYD_8299Sonnyphotosnice walk way up smugglers trck SYD_8301Sonnyphotosno fires here :-)SYD_8302Sonnyphotosall the ferns growing back now SYD_8304Sonnyphotos SYD_8311Sonnyphotoslook at how nature regrows after the fire SYD_8315Sonnyphotosstill a bit dark up here though SYD_8318Sonnyphotosaaaaahh SYD_8323Sonnyphotosgreen popping up in the black SYD_8326Sonnyphotossuch a rich black SYD_8329Sonnyphotosyep, surf's up SYD_8331Sonnyphotosthe barren Barrenjoey SYD_8332Sonnyphotosdon;t see it form here often SYD_8334Sonnyphotosspot the surfers below SYD_8335Sonnyphotosclean lines SYD_8355SonnyphotosIndia in the same spot as Leentje back in November SYD_8357Sonnyphotos SYD_8361Sonnyphotosyes, clean lines SYD_8362Sonnyphotoszoom in SYD_8364Sonnyphotosheading back SYD_8371Sonnyphotoschecking out Avalon SYD_8372Sonnyphotosnice sunset clouds SYD_8375Sonnyphotos SYD_8376Sonnyphotos

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