Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Wollombi's Mad Cows :-)

twirly twirly with a torch, tripod and time lapse :-)

_AUS0959SonnyphotosThere is a dam you can swim in on the property of Mystwood cabins, and to go there is a small 5 min walk through a paddock, except, this morning, some cows have been added in this paddock, no worries I thought, not so for Jacqui, so what do we do, well for once,( because we're special ) the owner allows us to drive in _AUS0961Sonnyphotosand my oh my, I never seen anything so funny, the cows chased us _AUS0981Sonnyphotosand I think they have fallen in love with my Ford Falcon _AUS0983Sonnyphotosthey started licking it ( salt ? ) _AUS0986Sonnyphotostoo funny _AUS0987Sonnyphotosthen while the girls have a swim the cows drink _AUS0988Sonnyphotosand I shoot ofcourse :-) DSCF1464sonnyphotoswhatcha lookin' at buddy DSCF1467sonnyphotosJacqui in the background, still worried :-) DSCF1468sonnyphotos DSCF1477sonnyphotoslovely countryside DSCF1478sonnyphotosI followed the cows as they walked around the dam DSCF1480sonnyphotos _AUS0990Sonnyphotoslater in the evening Kerri drops around for barbie dinner on the porch, love it _AUS1003Sonnyphotosand then we create a little special photo for Mystwood

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