Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Details, Mystwood Cabins in wollombi and surrounds

Camera in hand I venture around and enjoy the things I see

_AUS0841Sonnyphotoslovely olive photo in our room in the morning light _AUS0848Sonnyphotosthis is a bush cabin and the bush does not have that many flowers, it's just a lot of green _AUS0856Sonnyphotosbut when you look around, you'll still find flowers _AUS0858Sonnyphotosand lot of moss _AUS0860Sonnyphotoscicada shells _AUS0864Sonnyphotosold man's beard _AUS0867Sonnyphotosone of the other one bedroom cabins _AUS0872Sonnyphotosstill life _AUS0873Sonnyphotoslove the old sign _AUS0876Sonnyphotosone of my favourite plants, Frangipani trees and this kangaroo paw _AUS0877SonnyphotosIndia trying to make new friends with an attractive local _AUS0880Sonnyphotos _AUS0883Sonnyphotosreally is a beautiful looking horse _AUS0890Sonnyphotoseye on the prize ( which would be the cake that Belle is eating sitting next to me ) _AUS0894Sonnyphotos _AUS0895Sonnyphotosso important to collect rain water around here, it's all green now, but was not so long ago there was a drought _AUS0896Sonnyphotosdetails _AUS0897Sonnyphotosyou know you are in the country _AUS0898Sonnyphotos _AUS0900Sonnyphotosshack _AUS0904Sonnyphotoshello there little fella _AUS0908SonnyphotosNoyce vineyard on the way back to Mystwood Cabins _AUS0910Sonnyphotosa lot more wine grown around here compared to 10 , 15 years ago _AUS0913SonnyphotosNoyce _AUS0914Sonnyphotoslove the countryside around here _AUS0920Sonnyphotosgums _AUS0945Sonnyphotosafter a hard days sight see-ing, local refreshments

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