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Old Bones, young spirit

IMG_1164Sonnyphotosmy grandmother is no longer at home, but now residing at a retirement village. I feel sorry for her, as she was soo independent for so long, but the body could no longer keep up, and it was no longer advised by her doctor to stay at home alone and that she would need at least 12 hour care. I try to visit her as much as I can when I am here, everyday, and not just a 5 minute visit, we sit and play cards, or she will tell some of her stories from her experiences during WWII ( she was in the resistance, shhhhh, don't tell the germans ) and this time, as I noticed this big verandah at the end of the hallway that never seems to get used, I made her a light lunch of one of her favourite , crevette tomate, a hollowed out tomato with shrimps and mayonnaise, with a glass of white wine, and we sat out her enjoying the afternoon sun, nice to be outdoors as she is so much inside her room. But she still feels the slightest breeze which makes her shudder, hence the blanket around her neck. And it is sad to see all these old people, left alone, I been there everyday this week, and  I hardly ever see any of the other parents/grandparents get any visits from their relatives, sad, it is almost as if they are placed here to be forgotten about. And I must say, the staff are amazing, the job they have to do , woauw, cleaning up after old people when they do their business, and then the staff do it all with a smile, woauw.
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