Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Barbeque Belgium style :-)

IMG_1167SonnyphotosI always catch up with Freddy and Agalia as well ( not that they have old bones, but yes, young spirit ) And this time he was having a bbq with some friends in Antwerp on the banks of the Schelde, In den Bocht van de schelde to be exact. so late afternoon, and the boys set up their webers IMG_1168SonnyphotosFredcha has a nice old skool one ( of course ) IMG_1169Sonnyphotosjust like IMG_1170Sonnyphotosthe old skool camera he's using, really instagram IMG_1171Sonnyphotos
el oo el IMG_1172Sonnyphotoslovely patch of green grass for us in den bocht IMG_1173Sonnyphotosturnign into a little competition between the boys to see who can start cooking first ( cut a long story short, the other guys ended up using Fredcha BBQ to finish cooking their meat :-) IMG_1175SonnyphotosNice, a lot of times I wish digital was never invented, I would be working a lot more for one :-) IMG_1176Sonnyphotosband of cloud on the coast line stealing our sunset IMG_1178Sonnyphotos

IMG_1179SonnyphotosYep, Freddy, you won that one, and just got your first visa application approved for Australia IMG_1180SonnyphotosBBQ, Belgium style, I like it IMG_1181SonnyphotosKerel in the background and Aglaia with Billy, getting tired IMG_1182Sonnyphotos

IMG_1183Sonnyphotosnever to tired for a photo :-) IMG_1237Sonnyphotosaaaah, so cute ! And she wanted for The Kabouter to come home with her hehehe, when asked which kabouter, she said Sonny
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