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Karen Walker's mag

IMG_1046sonnyWas meant to post this a while ago, but slipped through the cracks for a bit ( also, I was waiting for a copy of the cover, so instead I just took a pic of it just now with my phone ) But yeah, Karen Walker and her team produce this great looking mag called The department Store newspaper. All these years I have worked for Karen, and I had no idea she had this going as well and it looks great Pages 20sonnyFor this issue she utulized the backstage pics I did for a little editorial , looks great Pages 22sonny

Pages 23sonny

Pages 24sonny
IMG_1053sonnythe top shot was not sent to me, but saw it in the mag, so again, I just did a quick shot with the phone :-)
I'll try and get a copy of the latest issue and post it soon

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