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Naracoorte Caves, South Australia

_AUS6746SonnyYes, your typical cave scenery _AUS6749SonnyStalactites and Stalagmites _AUS6751Sonnybut that's not why we wanted to do this cave tour, we wanted to see the fossils, Naracoorte is on the world heritage list because of all the well preserved fossils they found in some of the chambers _AUS6752Sonnythey found fossils of mammals that have been extinct for thousands of years ( probably 10's ) like a giant kangaroo species _AUS6754Sonny

_AUS6757Sonnyback on top, this is what it would have looked like for a wandering animal, limestone, where there were some naturally corroded shafts, down which a grazing or hopping animal fell, no way of getting out again, dies, and over time with rain washing dirt down the shaft, dead animal gets covered and preserved _AUS6759Sonny

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