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Last leg to Melbourne

_AUS7352SonnyAireys inlet _AUS7364SonnyI just love how this road snakes along the coastline, the beaches, headlands, rocky points, fantastic drive _AUS7375Sonnyleaving the clouds behind us _AUS7378SonnyAlways wanted to come and see the famous Bells Beach since I was a kid, here I finally am, but surf is not providing the swell to shwo me its awesome wave. It's tiny actually. 2 things that stand out after finally getting to be here and see it, it is really close to Melbourne, probably only a good hour drive, second, there's nothing here, nothing, the end of a looping road, but nothing here, no shops, no cafe, just a car park, was not expecting that, sort of like the car park at Margaret River in Western Australia _AUS7394SonnyFew guys surfing down there, but looking a bit mushy. We leave the beach now to head north to melbourne past the big bay and through Geelong.

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