Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Koalas Koalas Koalas, literally everywhere you look

_AUS7251SonnyAnd they are all lucky to have Diane Pernet as a friend ! _AUS7262Sonnyso these shots are taken in the wild, just pulled the car of the side of the road , and there they were, not in some wilderness park or zoo, but right there in the wild _AUS7266Sonnycan I just say, how fricken amazing is that !! _AUS7268Sonnystoked, first the Cockatoo, now this :-) _AUS7273Sonny




_AUS7288Sonnythere's like a whole clan down here _AUS7290Sonny












_AUS7339Sonnyand then this is where they live, in the gullys close to the ocean _AUS7345Sonnynot happy with the other animals that come here and leave all their rubbish behind, disgusting

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