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Grange & Henley Beach Adelaide

_AUS6505SonnyLike this house on Fort street, how they preserved the old house at the front and extended at the back with a modern wooden construction _AUS6507Sonny
Doing a little exploring around the place after lunch _AUS6510Sonnythe Jetty at the Grange _AUS6514Sonnybeautifully 3 story victorian terraces right on the beach _AUS6521SonnyJust spent 30 min googling for some more info on these terraces, from what I remember, they are the only 3 story terraces of this kind, left in Adelaide, the original plan was for about 12 or 16 of these next to each other ( there's only 8 ) _AUS6524SonnyDrink break at Henley _AUS6527Sonny

_AUS6528SonnyWe're just killing some time, as it looks like we are aboutto be treated to a spectacular sunset _AUS6532Sonny

_AUS6533Sonnywe head back across the road to the Henley Jetty _AUS6534Sonnyand yes, I think we will be in for a visual treat _AUS6540Sonny

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