Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.

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A few random Phone Cam shots from this RTW season

IMG_0575SonnyKatlin Aas givng Bette Franke a piggy back during show re-hearsal IMG_0595Sonny
The Vuitton Express arrived on track #3 IMG_0592SonnyPretty impressive IMG_0591Sonny
And look who's on board, one of my editors, Derek Blasberg ( sorry, Derek, not the best photo of you, I blame the phone cam and dodgy lighting at Vuitton hehehehe :-) IMG_0596Sonny
Mr. Cunningham about to be interviewed by Mr. Lau IMG_0598SonnySean & Anthony IMG_0601Sonny
Did some clothes shopping, but also needed to shop for some chocolate for Jacs, she's addicted to banana chocolate IMG_0602Sonny
So I cleared the shelf at the supermatket :-) IMG_0603Sonnylast Belgian meal ( mechelse haantjes ) befor ejumping on the plane down under

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