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Leaving London and then flying over Eastern Europe was not much to see, as it was basically cloud cover, fast forward about 12 hours, and now descending to land in Singapore _FWP4514Sonny
_FWP4520Sonnyhmmmm, been hearing all about these cracks on the wings of the A380's, so when I now see this patch of ice developing on the wing, I'm like hmmmm..okay, never seen that before _FWP4521Sonny
Port on the very western tip of Singapore _FWP4528SonnySingapore. Looking at it now, and thinking of that new hotel with the roof top spanning across 3 buildings and amazing swimming pool, but then with a view of all these tankers parked "out front" not so special then is it ? _FWP4531Sonny
an hour later and off again, Sydney bound _FWP4534Sonny

Tropics give the best clouds :-) _FWP4537Sonny
looking like a salt lake, out near Uluru _FWP4543SonnyAustralia, in general, obviously not everywhere ( it's a big country) has had a lot of rain recently, and even here, out near the simpson desert, you can clearly see big pools of water in the middle areas of the salt lakes _FWP4544Sonnywould love to be down there ( in a 4 wheel drive with lots of supplies) taking some photos _FWP4547SonnyI reckon you could land a plane on this wing, not showing so much in this photo, but the wing on the A380 is massive. Got myself an upgrade to business, which is great to get a sleep in, but downside was I am stuck on this massive wing, so was hard to get some good shots _FWP4549Sonny
_FWP4552SonnyRed earth country _FWP4553Sonnysee the pools of water ? _FWP4554Sonny

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