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Sydney > Brussel

SYD_3097SonnyphotosOf to Brussels again already, a job has come through so I'm going back for 3-4 days ( crazy huh ) SYD_3117Sonnyphotosjust had the yummiest meal in the Qantas lounge, and now this for dessert, schmacklich :-) SYD_3118SonnyphotosQantas first class lounge, designed by Marc Newson SYD_3129Sonnyphotoslucky me got an upgrade to business, which was great as I could get some shut eye. But with the upgrade, you don't get to choose your seat, you get what you're given, so I missed out on that one SYD_3132Sonnyphotosso was stuck next another passenger. But then was not too bad, just missed out on sunset, and then the rest was darkness anyway SYD_3162Sonnyphotosfast forward 20 hours and circling London SYD_3163Sonnyphotosit's about 6 am SYD_3166Sonnyphotosand still pitch black SYD_3168Sonnyphotoslanded, and still no daylight, woauw SYD_3200Sonnyphotos2 hours later and boarding for Brussel SYD_3208SonnyphotosFrench coastline, with Cap Du Griz Nez sticking out SYD_3212Sonnyphotoslooking pretty cold looking inland SYD_3213Sonnyphotosnot beachweather SYD_3216SonnyphotosCalais SYD_3220Sonnyphotoslooks like it has rained a bit lately, all the ponds of water reflecting in the morning sun SYD_3223SonnyphotosFlying by Brussels SYD_3226Sonnyphotosover the Vaart Canal, which runs from Mechelen to Leuven, and built by Napoleon for transportation SYD_3233Sonnyphotos
Belgian winter sky SYD_3234Sonnyphotosgoing down SYD_3235Sonnyphotos

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