Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Birthday Boy :-)

PB300063Kicking back with my girl, while the kids are busy in the kitchen PC030064and woauw, look what they came up with, yummy and very decorative birthday cake, all by themselves, with no help from Jacqui, good job PC030065so if you have not worked it out, the blue is the ocean, yellow the beach, with beach umbrellas, and a surfboard PC030066then in the ocean, there is a wave with my chokito board on the wave PC040067so they even got the pattern of my board right, cresting wave complete with some white specks for the foam of the wave PC040069so clever for them to come up with that by themselves PC040072and then a sparkler for the sun of course PC040073of which there is none at the moment unfortunately PC040076later that night, wearing my new tshirt form the kids, dinner at one of my fave places, Cranzgots PC040082and look at that, absolutly crazy, this time of the year, I have a jacket on, and in the background on the right, you can see they have the gas heater on, summer in Sydney, gas heater, just crazy ! PC040095aaaahhh, a happy birthday boy. Jacqui got me this super cool water video camera, Go Pro. All I need now is good weather and waves, and will be able to bringyou some amazing surfing footage, thanks Jacs PC040097
<3 PC040098
Belle loves to get her face in any photo being taken :-)

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