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Helsinki > Bangkok

SYD_3255SonnyphotosInteresting landscapes, moulded clouds over snow covered... Russia ? First time I'm flying with Finnair, did not start to well, journey supposed to start in Brussel to connect to Helsinki. And knowing that the flight arriving in Finland would only have an hour before the flight to Bangkok would depart, I naturally had a mini panick attack when on the screen it said my flight would be delayed by just under 2 hours, eeeeek. So a few phonecalls later, it came close to me being re routed via Zurich then onto an Ethithad flight to Bangkok. But then word came through that the flight to Bangkok would also be delayed, and I would have about 5 minute to make it to my flight in Helsinki. So I did not let it get to me, enjoy my flight to Helsinki I thought ( after sunset by the way, so no photos ) But then prior to arriving, they could not provide me the gate details I needed to rush to , and to make it worse, the plane did not even stop at the gate, but at the tarmac instead, there goes my 5 mins I thought. And to make it even worse, as soon as you got off the ladder from the plane, the tarmac was 15 cm deep in a wet slushy snow, so not like people were walking at their normal pace to the bus, ratatata.....As soon as I got to a monitor inside, it was ok, as that flight was also delayed , and not going anywhere for another 1 hour or so, cool, ohj wait, no, not cool, I have a connecting flight in Bangkok, normally I would had 3 hours at the airport in Bangkok, but now 2 hours late, plus this 1 hour late, there's my 3 hours, yikes. anyway, let's wait till we get closer to Bangkok and find out SYD_3258SonnyphotosI like this display they have on Finnair when you are looking at the flight map SYD_3259Sonnyphotosso yeah, where we are, in Kazakhstan SYD_3261Sonnyphotosmaps need an update, as it shows the plane about to cross a big mass of water, but it is the now famous Aral sea, famous for it disappearing and all those photos off the ship cemetery SYD_3263Sonnyphotosnot looking like it is shrinking today, but rather freezing up SYD_3264Sonnyphotoszoom out SYD_3266SonnyphotosFrozen Aral Sea SYD_3269Sonnyphotosamazing detail SYD_3270Sonnyphotos
SYD_3274Sonnyphotosslowly leaving Kazakhstan I think, and heading to Afghanistan SYD_3276Sonnyphotosdetail SYD_3277Sonnyphotos
SYD_3286Sonnyphotoslove the shadow of the mountains on the snow below SYD_3288Sonnyphotosoh, still not Afghanistan, but Uzbekistan instead SYD_3290SonnyphotosMalik, with Navoi airport SYD_3291SonnyphotosAydar Lake SYD_3291Sonnyphotos
SYD_3297Sonnyphotoswhat an amazing countryside, well mountainside SYD_3298Sonnyphotos
SYD_3299SonnyphotosSnow on the Southern slopes SYD_3300Sonnyphotosso many interesting shapes SYD_3301Sonnyphotosso this is my set up, window is mainly closed due to people trying to sleep, so I catch up on Bill Maher's Real Time show, and on other screen have the flight map, so every 5-10 min I open the window to take another photo SYD_3303Sonnyphotosmy plane :-) SYD_3304Sonnyphotosnow we are crossing into Afghanistan SYD_3306Sonnyphotos
SYD_3308Sonnyphotosagain, incredible sights SYD_3309Sonnyphotosdetail SYD_3310Sonnyphotosmassive SYD_3313Sonnyphotosdetail SYD_3314Sonnyphotosstoked to get to see all this SYD_3317Sonnyphotos
SYD_3323Sonnyphotoswhat a country SYD_3325Sonnyphotoswoauw SYD_3326Sonnyphotos
SYD_3346Sonnyphotospassing Kabul and about to cross into Pakistan SYD_3348Sonnyphotos
SYD_3358Sonnyphotosgot to love a plane with windows in their toilets, to pee with a view like that, woauw SYD_3361Sonnyphotosgives me a chance to take some pics from the other side of the plane SYD_3366Sonnyphotosfarmland SYD_3369SonnyphotosHimalayas ! SYD_3376Sonnyphotosthat's a big high mountain range SYD_3379SonnyphotosEnd of India SYD_3386Sonnyphotosinto the Bay of Bengal SYD_3394Sonnyphotosnever get any good photos over India, everytime I look out it just seems to be always covered in a blanket of smog SYD_3398Sonnyphotos
SYD_3406Sonnyphotosnext time I look out, we are crossing into Burma, and the province ( or is it state ) of Rakhine, with a great view of Cheduba Island, but hang on, what's that down there zooming in... SYD_3405SonnyphotosHoly Schmoly, that's a lefthander breaking at the mouth of a river SYD_3409Sonnyphotoscloser look, that's really lining up. Would love to have the time and money to get a boat for a month and go check it all out SYD_3416Sonnyphotosmore river mouths a bit further down SYD_3418SonnyphotosPyunpye SYD_3420Sonnyphotoslooking further south across the Sitsayan reserved forest and Bay of Bengal SYD_3423Sonnyphotosgold reflecting bay of bengal SYD_3432Sonnyphotos
SYD_3436Sonnyphotoswhat a trip, from the frozen lakes in Kazakhstan to the Tropics of Burma, and awesome imagery the whole way, awesome SYD_3438Sonnyphotos
SYD_3446SonnyphotosIrrawaddy Delta reflecting SYD_3452Sonnyphotostropical storm SYD_3461Sonnyphotos
SYD_3470Sonnyphotosamazing SYD_3479Sonnyphotos I just can't get enough of these, love it, sorry you might get a bit bored with it, I just love these images SYD_3484Sonnyphotos
SYD_3493Sonnyphotosprobably river near Pyapon or Dedaye SYD_3497Sonnyphotoswhere the Irrawaddy Delta meets the Andaman Sea SYD_3503Sonnyphotosaround the Thai-Burma border SYD_3504Sonnyphotoslooking like one big tropical jungle SYD_3515Sonnyphotosgetting close to Bangkok now SYD_3509SonnyphotosSri Nakaran lake SYD_3516Sonnyphotosgoing down in altitude. No more pics now, as I moved to the front of the plane. My connecting flight to Sydney commences boarding at 17:10 for a 17:55 departure. And as we approach Bangkok, it's already 17:25, so yeah, a bit worried about missing flight. Fast forward, so what happened was, the plane lands at 17:45, I had some ground crew already waiting for me, that ushered me through security screening, and then raced to my next gate, turns out I was not the only one which is good, as I was ahead of the pack being seated at the front of the plane. And then the funny part was when I made it on the plane, I was seated upstairs and had the same cabin crew from my flight to Europe from Sydney. So that was funny, naturally they were very helpful and calmed me down, as I was huffing and puffing from my little run across terminals. Now this must be one of my longest posts of cloud photos, hope you like.

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