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Bangkok > Sydney

SYD_3524SonnyphotosEarly morning, somewhere south of the Blue Mountains Sydney SYD_3527Sonnyphotosapparently it has only rained while I was in Belgium, let's hope that's passed SYD_3531Sonnyphotoslooking very similar to same flight from Bangkok back in October SYD_3534Sonnyphotos
SYD_3541Sonnyphotosdistinctive sandstone from greater Sydney area, if not most of NSW SYD_3549Sonnyphotosgreat view of Botany Bay on the left, then Cronulla beach , Bate Bay and Port Hacking SYD_3552Sonnyphotosand the mass of darkness in the foreground is the Royal National Park, just south of Sydney, north of Wollongong SYD_3556Sonnyphotoscoastline north of Garie Beach, and what the ..., never seen that before, looks like a water fall into the ocean, in between Garie and Wattamola beach SYD_3563Sonnyphotoswoauw, it is too, never seen it or knew it existed. Maybe all the rain has something to do with as well, super keen to go and check it out now SYD_3566SonnyphotosEdge of Royal National Park, bordering onto Bundeena and Port Hacking SYD_3567SonnyphotosMust be Marley beach, never made it to this one either yet SYD_3569SonnyphotosPort Hacking and Sutherland Shire SYD_3570SonnyphotosCronulla SYD_3571SonnyphotosThe curve of Cronulla Beach

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