Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.

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Clouds are clearing

Went into town today with Jacqui to grab some nice clothes from Saint Augustines Academy, their store on Bourke street. ( I did a wee little favour for them in return for some clothes )on our way back, clouds have cleared, so surf check, and greeted by two rainbow lorrikeets at the head land looking out to sea P7260172SonnyPhotos rain clouds finally moving out to sea P7260173SonnyPhotos
big black crow , also soaking up the sun after all that rain P7260174SonnyPhotos
So I head for a surf after dropping Jacqui off at home with her new clothes. Water surprisingly not that cold, just the air temperature P7260175SonnyPhotos
Swell has dropped of a lot  ( no longer 6 x massive ) P7260176SonnyPhotos
so not a lot of people around P7260178SonnyPhotos
and great scenery P7260179SonnyPhotos looking out to sea as the sun is setting behind me P7260181SonnyPhotos
P7260188SonnyPhotos fun session, small, but fun, time to go home and eat a warm home cooke dJacqui meal :-)

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