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4 Days of really really wet weather in Sydney

well, most of the east coast really IMG_0526sonnyPhotos It doesn't look like much in this photo, but it blowing a gale, and the rain is coming down sideways. It looks like a little white wash breaking in the ocean, but that white wash alone measure about 3 meters high. I'm staning on the headland at the south end of Bungan Beach, the waves, when they are good and coming in at the right direction, break along the rocks at about 1-2 meters, so this thing further out beyond the rocks is big IMG_0527sonnyPhotos massive wave trying to break further out the back. IMG_0528sonnyPhotos
Bigger wave. IMG_0529sonnyPhotos
Massive, and many more lines heading in from the ocean. So this is day one of the downpour, and it was like this all day and all night , no letting up IMG_0530sonnyPhotos
Day 2, still raining, and massive messy waves, out of control IMG_0531sonnyPhotos just massive amounts of water washing into the beaches. Staying indoors all day today IMG_0532sonnyPhotos
Day 3, and a brief break in the clouds, but still massive wild waves IMG_0533sonnyPhotos
nature ! IMG_0534sonnyPhotos
Day 4, it ain't getting any better IMG_0535sonnyPhotos Even though the weather hasn't improved I do a run of the beaches to check out any damage, and I straight away notice a lot of beach erosion form the high tides and massive swell IMG_0536sonnyPhotos
Hope it creates some intersting sand banks for the waves to break on IMG_0538sonnyPhotos On the way from Palm Beach to Whale Beach, I always see a lot of for sale signs on the houses ( Fredcha, wanna buys a house ? ), but this one caught my eye.
I wonder in their sales pitch they mention the proximity of waterfall to the house during heavy rain IMG_0537sonnyPhotos sure, it would not happen every week, but would happen every couple of months, and in this case, it would be raging like this for at least 5 days IMG_0540sonnyPhotos
look how close to the house :-) IMG_0541sonnyPhotos blown away by the amount of sand eroded away at Whale Beach IMG_0542sonnyPhotos that's over a meter IMG_0543sonnyPhotos
so much sand, gone IMG_0544sonnyPhotos
and on the other side as well BeachErosion
Bring on some sunshine !!


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