Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


End of the holiday

_OZI0861Sonnyphotos and we are back on the plane, and I can't believe my eyes when I look out the window . . .  it's the same guy again, cleaning the tarmac with a simple broom and dustpan _OZI0863Sonnyphotos click here to see this guy doing the same over a year ago, does this mean he is out here everyday ? _OZI0865Sonnyphotos
_OZI0869Sonnyphotos from the plane ( still at airport terminal ) I can see the foothills of where we went for the mudbath _OZI0880Sonnyphotos and we're off. on the bottom there, that's the take off spot when we rent the boat to go to Tavarua and Namotu _OZI0881Sonnyphotos and you can just make it out on the horizon _OZI0884Sonnyphotos can't wait to go there again _OZI0887Sonnyphotos that's Tavarua closest to us, the Namotu ( they are both islands ) and then that long strecth is just reef ( as in under water all the time ) and where I surfed Wilkes passage _OZI0888Sonnyphotos
_OZI0893Sonnyphotos and now Cloudbreak comes into frame _OZI0895Sonnyphotos damn it, it's looking good today too _OZI0896Sonnyphotos bye bye Fiji _OZI0909Sonnyphotos Sydney bound _OZI0912Sonnyphotos Was hoping to get some more of those incredible clouds photos I got when we flew over, but clearly, it is all about angles :-) _OZI0915Sonnyphotos
_OZI0928Sonnyphotos change in colour, must be close to Sydney _OZI0929Sonnyphotos sydney south national park _OZI0932Sonnyphotos port hacking _OZI0936Sonnyphotos cronulla _OZI0938Sonnyphotos the long strip of beach down from Cronulla _OZI0941Sonnyphotos Botany Bay and home

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