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Chateau Canaples, France

_PM_9252SonnyPhotos Lucky me, check out our place of stay. Jacqui has arrived with the kids from Australia, and we hit the ground running, staying at Wim & Hilda's place the fist few days ( thanks Wim&Hilda ) and now we just arrived in North of France fromn Belgium to stay at this castle as this is where Jacqui's good friend Shell & Mark are getting married _PM_9254SonnyPhotos
and the weather is turning it on as well _PM_9255SonnyPhotos
we pretty much have the top floor to ourselves, which is fine except for the stairs and me carrying all the luggage _PM_9261SonnyPhotos Jacqui in the foreground, looking for spots to take pictures later this afternoon _PM_9264SonnyPhotos Evan rides a deer _PM_9265SonnyPhotos looks tiny ( wide angle lens ) but it ain't, kids are loving running around in the all the different rooms, so much to see and do, plus the big garden _PM_9267SonnyPhotos
_PM_9278SonnyPhotos then there is the inside, fantastic _PM_9280SonnyPhotos
_PM_9287SonnyPhotos Winter Garden room _PM_9287SonnyPhotos
_PM_9294SonnyPhotos Lush exotic plant
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