Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Mark & Shell's wedding

_PM_9308SonnyPhotos Kitchen's clean, nice day for a wedding _PM_9296SonnyPhotos While everyone prepares for the wedding , India has a practice on the piano at the Chateau _PM_9314SonnyPhotos The girls are ready _PM_9326SonnyPhotos the groom is ready _PM_9341SonnyPhotos we're all just waiting now _PM_9351SonnyPhotos The celebrant was ready ( oh boy...was he ready and waiting alright, pressure pressure pressure ! ) _PM_9375SonnyPhotos Mark's waiting _PM_9379SonnyPhotos Even the rings are waiting :-) _PM_9388SonnyPhotos aaaah, here they come ! _PM_9393SonnyPhotos and what a fairy tale backdrop _PM_9399SonnyPhotos

Let the ceremony begin _PM_9420SonnyPhotos no turning back now _PM_9441SonnyPhotos Mark seals it _PM_9446SonnyPhotos Shell seals it _PM_9451SonnyPhotos and then they both seal it with a kiss _PM_9452SonnyPhotos congratulations _PM_9560SonnyPhotos _PM_9484SonnyPhotos now for some photos _PM_9627SonnyPhotos all together now , aaaaaahh, lovely _PM_9593SonnyPhotos
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