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Off to Dubai

IMG_0166SonnyPhotos Got myself a cheap upgrade to Business class, and lucky me, it is on the new airbus plane, so business is more like first class, so I'm stoked ( although in hindsight, Jacqui is right and would have been better of spending that money on a ticket for two to FiJi ) but for now, am going to enjoy this comfort IMG_0169SonnyPhotos lots of movies to chose from , but I go for the classics IMG_0170SonnyPhotos First light, yes !! I did manage to sleep on this flight, as my seat, turns into a comfy bed, plus the stewardess gave me a mini mattress to put on my seat as well, so I'm sure I had about a 6-7 hour sleep IMG_0173SonnyPhotos and check this out, this totally spun me out when I went to the toilet, but there is actually a window as well IMG_0174SonnyPhotos how cool ! IMG_0175SonnyPhotos watching it all unfold from the plane's wing tip camera on my screen IMG_0179SonnyPhotos about to land , so seat is a seat again, put the bed away, and stowed my mattress IMG_0180SonnyPhotos Dubai airport up ahead, it's not 6 am yet, hence it not looking so bright yet outside IMG_0181SonnyPhotos
lining it up, and yeah, looks like captain is heading the plane a bit too much to the left, but that's wind compensation IMG_0183SonnyPhotos 10 second sout from touch down IMG_0185SonnyPhotos and at terminal, look how big the plane looks  next to terminal.
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