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Fiji > Sydney

_SYD3559_SYD3560After an hour or more ( I'd say more ) we fly over these islands again, tried to find them on google earth, no luck_SYD3561awesomeness_SYD3562_SYD3566_SYD3568right on top of it_SYD3568cropzooming in , and just a tiny patch of dry sand, everything else underwater_SYD3573_SYD3576_SYD3578Australian East Coast, my guess, somewhere near hawks nest_SYD3583going down_SYD3585Northern beaches_SYD3587_SYD3588great shot of north head_SYD3590plane doing a big banking turn just in front wedding cake island, coogee. And the white speck you see in the city skyline is the opera house_SYD3595Great shot of the entrance to Botany bay ( James Cooks first stop in Oz ) and Kurnell, note the tanker heading out the heads, as we will see it again, after we do another big banking turn, as we are just cruising along the coast at this stage and not lined up with the runway for landing_SYD3597_SYD3599great shot of Cronulla, showing the complete curve of the beach from boat harbour to the entrance of Port Hacking_SYD3601and as I thought , there the tanker heading further out to sea as we fly over one of my fav locations again_SYD3603_SYD3605can you spot the cars in the car park, where we were parked_SYD3612_SYD3613Kurnell_SYD3615Botany_SYD3620Landed, Vietnam Airlines ? Never seen one before_SYD3621hmmm, Vanuatu :-)
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