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Namotu Lefts and Tavarua seen from plane during take off . . .sick

_SYD3540Plane just took off, sitting top deck again, and have a feeling I'm about to get an epic view of cloudbreak_SYD3541Yes, there's Namotu coming up now, with the right hander behind it I surfed the other day_SYD3542Awesome, so there we have Tavarua, and Namotu, and looks like no swell hitting Tavarua_SYD3545oh my , this awesome, what a great view, so want to go back down to those island, perhaps even stay for a week or 4 _SYD3548oh sick, it gets better, now we can clearly see the left breaking at cloudbreak at the edge of the reef, and it looks like it is working as well, from here, looks like a nice 3 foot peeling left_SYD3551and then look at all those islands at the top, awesome, apparently one of those is were they filmed one of those survivor series, and that Tom Hanks movie when his plane crashed_SYD3552Bye Fiji, hope to see you again
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