Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Kallo, Antwerp

Strange, middle of summer andno leaves on these trees.
Just been driving around all afternoon trying to find this location in Holland, a cement factory, I ended up finding it after driving for 2 hours, I saw it like 2 years ago, but ofcourse forgot exactly where it was at

So once back in Belgium, I kept driving, and went to the other side of Antwerp towards Doel, just to keep looking, this here is where they build a whole new port for very big container ships, and some of the land for some reason had to get flooded, at once stage the whole town of Doel was in the firing line to get totaly flooded in the name of progress, luckily that did not happen after a lot of protests and media campaign

Some where I still got some photos from when I went on a location scout with Bart Hunaerts, and the new port was just finished, but it was not connected to the river yet, so it was still dry, and we literally went to the bottom of the harbour in our car, and I'm still kicking myself for not having done a shoot there the next day, it was amazing, I mean , imagine how deep it would have to be for a tanker ship to be able to sail in there, then take out the water, and the bootm floor was this black asphalt they had sprayed, and a huge vertical concrete wall, yeah , can't win them all

Duck family

or are they geese

The other side, flooded farm land

and road in between the two

and still flowers grow in the asphalt


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