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Levi's backpocket Auction launch

Woauw, these two are good at their job, at first Ihad no recollection of them, but they were working on the door at Bruno Pieter's party on Friday night , and they even remembered my name, he said " what do I get if I remember your name" Why a photo ofcourse, yep he got it right

Anyway...back to the event, Eef from UPR organised this launch of the Levi's back pocket art auction to raise money for Aids research. so if you go to the Levi's site , the backpocket collection, you can start bidding

So tonight was the launch

It first started with a performance in the entrance room of the Tropical Institute with Andy and the Androids

I'm trying to take some photos of the pieces, but it is behind glass, and the my little snap camera does not comes with a polarising filter to cut out the glare

Our friend Jarno made some pieces as well, hey Eef, how come I was not asked  :-(

Another Jarno

This glare is not really doing it any justice, just click here which will take you to the auction site, but also a gallery see you can see them better and also find out who else participated like Vive La Fete, Hooverphonic, Ephameron

So let's instead, see-ing we are at the Tropical Institute, take a picture of the bronze statue,of what I am assuming is a Congolese man


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