Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


London > Dubai

Time to leave the northern hemisphere and head back south

early morning view _AUS9668Sonnyphoto somewhere over the gulf states_AUS9669Sonnyphotonice morning light _AUS9670Sonnyphotocan just make out the mountains off Iran _AUS9672Sonnyphotoflying over Persian gulf _AUS9676Sonnyphotocan jut make out Al Bustan which is north of Dubai _AUS9677SonnyphotoInland from Sharjah _AUS9678Sonnyphotono idea what this is about _AUS9679Sonnyphotoanyone ? _AUS9680Sonnyphotogetting more and more populated everytime I come here _AUS9682Sonnyphotocertainly don't miss the traffic :-)_AUS9685Sonnyphotoor the what seems like the constant haze ( blue sky a rare occurrence ) _AUS9688Sonnyphotonever seen so many A380's _AUS9693Sonnyphotook, an hour to freshen up

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