Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Dubai > Sydney

Quick shower and breakfast and it's off again, continuing south

world's tallest building


once you venture a bit further inland, some interesting graphic shapes

next development

desert plantation 

I been out here, and how anything manages to grow beats me, so hot

desert sand stop

nearing the mountain range so sand changes colour

very arid mountain range 

found this spot on google earth but it has no name ?

Sumayni or Sumaini

incredible mountain ranges south of Hatta

after about 30-40 minutes of incredible mountains we are nearing the edge of Arab peninsula and hit the sand again 

The Arab sea way south of Muscat

This stretch of sand goes for about 150km

sure there would be some surfable banks down there

and one lone highway

Masirah Island sitting of the coast of Oman

Heading into the Indian ocean now

and flight path should take us over Male, Maldives

Looking forward to getting some Atoll shots from up here

Keeping an eye on the window and flight path on the screen

don't want to miss this

getting close

love me some tropical clouds

I don't know if the Maldives classifies as tropical though

feels tropical

getting close, but so is that thick high cloud cover


sure enough, as we get closer the clouds get thicker and I did not get to see any Atolls, bugger, next time. So went to sleep and missed the sunset as well, next stop was Sydney before sunrise :-)

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