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Matterhorn aka Cervino from the Italian side

about a 90 minute drive from Thuile and I'm at the base of the Matterhorn

driving up from Aostaand there she isthe Matterhorn, not really see-ing the western side which is the most recognizable angle of the mountain ( swiss side )I'm in the village of Breuil-Cervinia, and end of the road village at the base of the mountain nice chalet on top of the village and one next to one of many waterfalls detail of the many stacks of snow as you look up around the village cubism in the pine forest using the 400mm zoom to look up the top of the ski terrain yes, this is also a big ski resort so many ski runs Matterhorn detail could stay here comfortably in winter for a few weeks quad chair heading up would love to see the inside of this 70's penthouse looks like a lot of great accommodation options for your winter stay under the Matterhorn ( Italians don;t call it that by the way, they know it is as Cervino )going up the cable car and spot these guys view going up looking back down to valley dam half way up woauw, so much terrain one more lift to the Swiss side ( I thought I bought a ticket all the way the top - 50 Euro, for 3 lifts to go up , but then this last lift does not recognise my ticket, as I'm now on Swiss soil, so a different company/operator, and then they want another 50 Euro for their lift, bloody Swiss thieves ) apparently could still ski here till a few weeks ago Matterhorn I'm standing in Italy, looking at Switzerland , I take one foot forward and I'm in Switzerland lift one of three to go back to the village what a view, and lucky with the weather, not a breath of wind, very unusual for mountains looking towards Milan, my next stop peaksMt Blanc Mt Blanc ledges Mt Blanc and Grand Combin solid chunks still ski-able ? great view from up there today with all this blue sky Dent d'Hrens I really see myself coming back here in winter for a ski not quite Michaels Mistake in Thredbo top to bottom form here would take quite a while still looks ski able to me, but I guess it is too much work to maintainMatterhorn all ski able terrain, so big, winder how crowded it gets ski-ing with that in the background slowly heading down again and seeing these magnificent Alpine Ibex details looking up from Breuil chunks slowly melting creating many waterfalls closer look at the cubism building in the pine forest 70's cubism ? blue lagoon on the way back down the clarity is surreal like Tahiti ( but colder ) I just wanted to dive in Matterhorn reflection postcard perfect about 10 km downhill looking back and can't see the Matterhorn no more, off to Milan, have some boys waiting

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