Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Fiji Colours

the rain in Suva, new location, coconuts, sunsets, surf and more sunsets

during Fiji Fashion week, we stayed at Grand pacific hotel with a view of the harbour and it rained everyday chinese fishing boats ( would like to say "seized for illegal fishing", but not sure they are ) river colours morning cuppa so doing a shoot at this spot 40 min before sunset great spot pretty the tree roots love this spot tried to organise it, but ran out of time view from our room on the coral coast coconuts galore preparing for sunset heading west tropics coconut sunset pretty love times like this I end up taking so many photos and why not love print please woauw another print or maybe this one stunning after the sun went down still some colours don't see this in Australia or Europe, that purple in the sky after sunset pretty that purple walk on the beach on sunset tropics next day there's a wave there for sure can spot the fisherman at the end of the reef so give you an idea of size of the wave ( small today ) the resort pool near our room love this, getting ready for another sunset pretty print please another walk on the beach on sunset not as pretty as yeasterday but still spectacular less cloud that purple again love 90's album cover for Californian rock band :-) light came on time for dinner gold ok, one more shot next morning, that wave still there, but fast sections and shutting down need to take a closer look before the wind kicks in again hollow second section draining of the reef that's one of the better ones I've seen looks doable or pipped at the end section getting bigger another sunset coming up pretty and the red algae growing on the palm trees, accentuated by the setting sun pretty walking to the cocktail bar love this cocktail sunset

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