Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > Nadi, Fiji FJ914

Sydney Fashion Week is done, so regulars here know what's next :-)

early take off from Sydney 06:15 departure, this is about 20 minutes after take off golden hour underneath those clouds seat with a view crossing the South Pacific when you can reflections on the ocean surface from the clouds, means nice and calm conditions ( no wind ) scattered rain cumulus calm conditions Big Blue as you will see on satellite photo, big band of cloud just off Fiji nearing the cloud band about 300 km of it rays guessing a good 20 min of this, seeing as we are about 40-50 minutes out thick cover nearing the other side breaking up slowly descending now getting under that high cloud layer coming down and land ahoy Fiji Natandola Bay Likuri Harbour with Robinson Crusoe Island surfs up where land meets the Ocean the highway we will be on soon after we land, Malomalo Queens Road just before Nadi Nadi Airport ( ps , it's pronounced Nandi )departure from Sydney flight track satellite from the time of flight that cloud band just of Fiji

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