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Nadi>Savu Savu FJ157

After flight from Sydney, transfer ( walk ) to domestic terminal and meet up with Ellen Whippy Knight to get on a flight to Savusavu, an Island north of the mainland island

one of my favourite modes of transport but not for today, getting on this De Havilland twin Otterwhen we walked on tarmac to board, I was hoping it was to be one of these twobut, no, that's our plane for todays flight to Savu Savu boarding here comes Ellen and Allen Boarding, where you are greeted by the captain take off, over the main runway Jetscab just landed from Oz Wailoloa Port Denarua and can just make out Tavarua and Namotu on the horizon, and still a bit of swell by the looks after the big swell form 2-3 days agozoom in, yes, looks like there would be a fun wave right now with the high tide running out at RestaurantsSolevu Vuda Marina at Viseisei little reef break at Vuda big fuel terminal Saweni Tivua Island Lautoka Wharf and Bekana Island Sugar Mill at Lautoka wharf Lautoka I was expecting to get to see some of the coral reefs & Atolls on this flight, but with the cloudy conditions ( very thick layer ) am resigned to the fact it won't look too amazingbut, must say, it still looks pretty special mini Island not sure what's going on there Togovito i-ra All I see is mudcrab and cray fish :-) don't know if that is a floating hotel or some dredging workpretty Yanuca Island Vatia Lailai Island can't wait to eat a mudcrab sure there's some down there off Tavua Bay oh woauw, again, even though it is a cloudy day, look at those colours imagine the colours if it was a sunny blue sky day exit off Tavua Bay looks amazing coral reef off Vunitogoloa just look at that, so pretty again, if it was a sunny day, those blues would just pop Reef of Malake Island Reef of Voli Voli reef of Nananu-i-Ra Island Vanua Levu Yadua Cockpit Nawaido Naruwai Nanuku & Nawaido zoom out to add Nasavu Wainunu Bay just incredible colours This is a big island off Navatu Island I'm sure I will do this flight again, and hope it is on a blue sky day just incredible Navatu Island with a blue lagoon snorkelling galore Natokalau with incredible reef slowly descending for landing reef of Jean-Michel Cousteau resort little island with sandy beach of the resort our hotel is in the middle there somewhere Cousteau resort with a mini wave road from airport to SavuSavu nice tropical hills around the town very lush Ganilau Park and everyplace still has its tip banking, looks like we are about to fly over the new marina, and how's the coral just off SavuSavu pretty little pool on the reef Brand new Mavi Island Marina could be interesting for a fashion show before it gets too busy with boats so we did a big loop around the town ( which interestingly does not show up on the flightaware tracking of this flight ) landed and that's the airport just a shed and a toyota truck de boarding the plane what a great flight

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