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Milan > London BA561

Milan done, heading to Paris via London

early start to the day and not looking like it will be a nice fligth take off and very wet grey day in Milan glad I'm not running to shows in that weather today breaking through the clouds was hoping to get the same amazing sunrise photos I got a month ago on this same flight, but no dice, Alps covered in clouds once we get to the Northern end of the Alps, the cloud break up a little Switzerland Feels like I just flew over Brig Hard to tell today Brunnistock ? Nidwalden a lot of fresh snow looks inviting Lucerne at the top of the lake slowly getting to Germany clouds set in again German/ France border region heading north nothing to see for rest of the trip really thick as we slowly descend to Londonyep, grey breakign up a bit to show the mnighty Thames banking turns London out suburbs heathrow airport, flying past it zoom in about to turn following that plane going in for final approach banking turn final approach and can see a plane in position where we were just a minute ago so they'r enow looking at what I just looked at going down White Waltham airfield zoom in, all the turbo props lined up Dorney lake landed flight path switzerlandbanking turn outside Londonand final approach Satellite photo

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