Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Ludovic De Saint Sernin AW2425 Fashion Show New York Backstage

Capping off whatever day of NYFW we are at now :-)

Ying Ouyang, Marnix Eyckmans & Hejia Li Vika Evseeva Colin Jones and Heather Diamond Strongarm Lainey Hearn Cole Frederickson Penelope Ternes & Indiana Van't Slot Nyadoula Gabriel Maoro Bultheel Apolline Rocco Fohrer Victoria Fawole Awar Odhiang Karolina Spakowski Noah Hanes Khadim Sock Alex Consani Sascha Rajasalu Zeke Lindsey Braien Vaiksaar First show for new Aussie Model Noah Dore with fellow Aussie Angelina Kendall Diamond Heather Strongarm and Angelina Kendall

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