Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Going to the Mountains, Mammoth Mountain

Opted out of Big Bear, as it was advised that the crowds would be pretty busy and Mammoth Mountain would be a better option, quick search reveals it is a bigger ski resort, so let's go

Mojave commercial airline storagespot the discontinued Qantas 747's I miss them some A380's looks like they been there in storage since covid Kus Lieve Meisjes Owens lake at Cottonwood along the 395 so pretty and again, salt and snow salt lake mining so close to a ski resort, very unlike the salt lakes in Australia I frequent salted beef salted duck, ok I'll stop now beautiful day , but more snow on the way, and this place in a few days is covered strange thing is, it was so windy on the drive from Los Angeles, but here, at the lake, it is calm as pretty autumnal colours the valley through which the 395 runs getting closer to Mammoth did not realize how much snow was here so close to Los Angeles, but better than Big Bear 395 rear view sunset Waucoba Mountains Inyo National Forest stopping at Bishop, the last town before ski town, to do some grocery shopping

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