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Drive back to Los Angeles from Mammoth Mountain

What a fun time ( and exhausting in a good way ) I had at Mammoth, butnow time to head back to LA as I need to go to New York

The drive from Mammoth to the 395. Did not take any photos yesterday as it was snowing so much and visibility was so low, and as you can see, even on this road, there is so much snow Mammoth Mountain is actually an active volcano, on one of the runs there is even a fissure and you can smell the Sulphur, so on the drive out of Mammoth there are some hot springs and geothermal activity, so I'm trying to get to it, but not having any luck with most of the roads being snowed inI lucked in behind a snow plough, so things are looking up, that's Mammoth ski resort in the backgroundzoom in. so at the bottom going up is the Eagle Express and the ridge line on the right is lift 22, from which I took the photos from 2 days ago at the top of the lift anyway, still trying to get to these hot springs but the snow plough only went so far, so taking photos of the surrounding mountains around the Yosemite Airport ( yes, Mammoth is really close to Yosemite national park, but the road to Yosemite was closed )so much snow when I drove in here 3 days ago there was only snow at the top of the mountains winter wonderland this is as close as I got to one of the hot springs, but it was on private property and part of the " Hot Creek Trout Hatchery " Glass Mountain and Yosemite Airport runway in the foreground valley going up to convict lake tried another way to get to hot springs, but, dead end Farm Life at McGee Creek looking across Crowley Lake to Glass Mountains Crowley Lake Crowley Lake and Glass Mountains Crowley Lake Nice view
Crowley Lake detailI can just imagine horse riding around here Local wild life soaring through the sky at Aspen Springs Mt Tom Vista Point, snowed in looking over the valley towards Gibson driving on down towards Mesa with Mt Tom on the right and finally no more snow on the highwayBim Horton creek Was a bit sketchy with all the drivers on the snow covered highway earlier, feeling a bit more secure now, and what a vieuw Black Mountain on the right driving through the valley on the 395 heading south as you drive along and marvel at the snow covered ranges, on the side of the road you also witness a lot of the previous volcanic activity like this pile of volcanic rocks just on the right Manzanar National Historic Site one of the remaining 4 watch towers, when I saw this 3 days ago driving up I thought it was left over from a movie set, like The Great Escape, or some WW2 sit come, but no, there is a dark history, as Manzanar was the internment camp for American Japanese from about 1942 - 1945. So for many older Japanese, driving past here must bring back very bad and painful memoriesbit different from when I drove past here 3 days ago Owens Lake at Cottonwood. Next time I come this way I will show you Red Rock

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