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Wild Kangaroos and Koalas a plenty

As the surf, again, was flat and dull, Jacqui did a quick search of things to do on the Gold Coast and saw that very close by was a nature reserve with wild Kangaroos, wallabies and Koalas. In a reserve, so it's free, and they are wild, not in a zoo or a petting zoo, yes, let's go

as soon as you park your car at Coombabah Lake Conservation park, you only need to take a few steps, and there they are I decided to take my 400mm lens, so I could get some really nice close up shots of Kangaroos and really, you are already getting so close to them, but it is advised to stay at least 4 car lengths away from them, as they are still wild ( read - unpredictable ) animalsbeautiful paperbark sections and a little one adorable ( a word you don't see often on my blog :-) too cute and of he goes spotted me checking me out pretty heard my shutter click ok, warning, there are going to be many more photos of kangaroos as you keep scrolling so you been warned but, and this is the really exciting part for me, Koalas as well it is very rare to spot Koalas in the wild, and here there are many so it may look like he is climbing, but no, claws hooked in, bum on a little stump, and he's resting/sleeping, digesting those toxic eucalyptus leaves and that's why they have those long sharp claws to just hang on and sleep cute more paperbark and then Eucalyptus sections where you really need to walk slow and look up to be able to spot the koalas like this one again, just resting love it and another climbing marks ? and then another grassy section with kangaroos and the odd wallaby kangaroos love to be in the shade in the middle of the day probably had a big night last night family checking me out mum with kid and one in its ouch as well full pouch, leg out leg out now they look nasty, wasp nest seen a few mums now another one with young one looking out of its pouch and another again, just love how we are only a short 15min drive away from all those gold coast sky scrapers and here we are with this abundant wild life more koalas and another can you spot him zoom in Alpha male, how's the nuts on this guy, flexing now this is a rare sight a koala in a sheoak ( Allocasuarina ) as their natural habit I thought was only Eucalyptus treesour path back more koalas stay on the path, well, not really, it is a park, so you are allowed on the grassy areas as well, but as Jacqui is doing, stay at least 4 car lengths away from the animalswhat a lovely park and they just cross in front of you and another wallaby grazing time mum and child loving my 400 mm lens little one so you will see this a lot, especially in the drier, hotter parts of Australia as the kangaroos, have these this little forearms, where a lot of blood still flows through, they lick their forearms to keep them moist and then the breeze cools down the blood flowing through their forearms feeding time and the wallaby

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