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Sydney > Dubai EK415

early start, but advantage of that is I got to fly all the way across Australia on a day flight, so a very long post this one with a lot of photos

early morning start, and looking like a grim grey wet day Kangaroos near Sydney CBD take off, Port Botany sun's up already boat harbour ready to turn turning to head west crossed the Blue Mountains Nangar National Park Forbes Lake Cowal Bogandillon at Fairholme Condobolin Condobolin NSW Farmland Lachlan Shire and the Lachlan River and Lake Cargelligo Round Hill Nature Reserve Conoble lake & Kajuligah Nature Reserve Kajuligah Near Ivanhoe Menindee Lake with Snake Island in the middle, having been to Menindee Lake when I visited the " Sunset Strip " it was bone dry I can now see why that is called snake island, as you can imagine when the bone dry lake starts filling up, all the snakes would head to higher ground and all end up on the little Island in the middle  lot more water in there now from when I was there last time, and I can see the road, at the bottom, I took from Broken HillLittle Topar Broken Hill Been there a few times now as well, and I can just make out the Quartz Hill I visited last time on my way to Menindee. Broken Hill looks so small from up here, but it is a big town for the region with a big historyWindmills at Silverton Crossed over into South Australia near Mooleulooloo Tea Tree Track going from Koonamore to Frome Downs. some 180kms that will take you about 3 and half hours ( and end up with a very dusty car )Siccus River arriving at the north easter part o the Flinders Range, Willows Springs Bunkers The amazing Flinders Range Aroona even though the flight is now about a good 2 hours since take off, local time here is still early morning, so still lots of long shadows from the early morning sun Parachilna Gorge Parachilna Road meets the Outback Highway at Parachilna Nilpena Ediacara National Park meets Lake Torrens National Park amazing, how lucky to be able to get such an amazing view of Lake Torrens epic Lake Torrens Murdie Island Ok, so I am going to be greedy now and say , I would love to fly over here in the middle of the day on a day like this, so the colours are more vibrant and photo is crisper without the layer of early morning dew, haze I'm shooting through nowAndamooka Island details Trimmer Inlet detail, imagine making your way out here somewhere and doing a series of drone shots so many lakes Lake Younghusband, with Lake Gairdner on the horizon ( where I have been a few times now as well, another amazing location )north end of Lake Gairdner and another lake with no name in Parakulia ( can't name them all I guess ) and Stuart highway running in between the two Lake Anthony  so many of these lakes don't have names and are very remote Lake Maurice and Lake Dey Dey near Oak Valley Maurice & Dey Deyand if you flew past here in 1952, you would have seen this, as that is Maralinga, where the british used to do their atomic bomb testsMaralinga Tjarutja seasonal lake so remote, not even any dirt tracks Wyola Lake Serpentine Lake, the last before we cross into Western Australia the lake on the right is basically the border and crossing into W.A. Western Australia, and it's ochre soil interesting shapes and patterns this is so remote, so many places down there where man has not set foot Lake Gillen Little Sandy desert ( Little...but bigger than Iceland ) Lake Carnegie Boyston Creek Give you an idea of where we are oh woauw, that looks amazing Lake Burnside Oneahibungareminds me of my brother's Octopus tattoo the colour of the sand around lake Burnside love this, print please zoom in detail White Lake, Aerodrome Lake and Morrissey Creek in the great Sandy Desert No name, so I call Many Island Lake The town of Newman BHP Pilbara Mine a mine so big they had to build a town Hope Downs Mine Kalgan Creek and this area is dotted with water holes, like Stuart right underneath here Eagle Rocks Falls bottom right on the Lyndon River still remote, but as remote and a few more 4wd tracks here Karijini Chichester and Mount Sheilain the middlelots of gorges another mineand railway lines Nanutarra Minjina road and Hamersley Gorge Solomon Mine Site which if you look closely , is spread out over the whole mountain range getting closer to the coast near Fortescue, Millstream Chichester National Park Roebourne Wittencom Road incredible looking country, like a hard rock, and then carved billion years ago from massive glaciers ( Probably not ) but as someone jsut said, looks look close up of Elephant skin Mardie, Sino Site and Cape Preston Airport Fortescue River Carey and Potter Island Fortescue Island and Passage Island Steamboat Island and amazing blue water, ready for some snorkelling leaving Australia Barrow Island and Lowendal Island looking like a great fishing spot so many Island, unlike the salt lakes we just flew over, all these Islands, including the small ones, all have names Part of the Montebello group of Islands would love to drop anchor here one day ( not in cyclone season though ) and looks, reefs, no doubt with coral and more importantly....waves oh yeah I see an abundance of lefts and rights and now for the long stretch across the indian ocean love my window seats layers crossing the equator tropical smooth flight so far Just crossed to southern tip of India now crossing the Arabian sea near Arabia Oman and yes, waves Al Khuima, Oman, has a nice little a-frame break of its beach do you see it right on the bed in the road, perfect little a-frame and down the road the Oriental Shrimp Aquaculture farm Wahiba Sands dry river bed nice clouds, hopefully dropping some much needed rain godzilla stewardess, there's a godzilla outside my window nice lightcrossing Oman mountain to UAE driving through those mountains when on my way to Khor Fakan descending for landing we're not alone the sheer size of this on the outskirts of Dubai, El Badi Palace banking coming into land Peak hour 5 hours at the airport, then for my next flight to Riyadh, took off straight after sunset, so no photos, so next morning, my first photo from Riyadh, Saudi Arabiathe long flight from Sydney Final approach

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