Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


London > Singapore QF2

not many photos from this flight

as per usual, take off is after sunset, so nothing to photograph, have something to eat watch some tv and go to sleep, then try to hang out as long as possible to not open the window shades because as soon as I do it just lights up the whole cabin being 2 hours till landing, I thought now was a good time :-) a few k's of Phuket entering the Malacca strait lots of layers mixed with storm clouds but no land seen from left side of the plane ( last time I was right hand side and saw a lot of north Sumatra ) love these tropical clouds about an hour to go now and I spot another Godzilla Godzilla and his babies steward, there's a godzilla outside my window we're not alone landed

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