Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.



As always, had hoped for some epic sunset shots, but not to be, wrong side and dirty window

pulling back from the gate ready to taxi take off & banking straight away over Grassy bayThe blue A line & Cross Bay BoulevardJamaica Bay Broad Channel Rockaway beach, and looks like some nice aquabumps rolling in mainly close out, and water looking a little murky still, looks clean and off shore but look at that at East Rockaway inleta little bombie of the inlet and Rockaway beach ( Rockaway Bombie ? ) and then this left looks really promising banking hard right over the top of it, another set about to break that's a sick looking left of the break wall at the end of Atlantic Beach why is there no one surfing it still banking over the top, awesome looking left if I was a grom I'd be frothing all over that, why is there no one out JFK airport and New York in the background finally get an ok view of the New York skyline but these AA windows are dirty as so not the cleanest of photos New York metro is big ( and my window dirty ) can you make out NYC Hampstead Harbor Manchester-Boston so not going to be getting many amazing cloud photos with these windows looks like the plane flew through some rain and then a dust storm, I had hoped that with take off, the high speed would take off some of the dirt but no luck so I'll have a look every now and then but pretty disappointed with this window situation Atlantic an hour out of Ireland nearing Ireland coast crossing Ireland today's flight path take off and the banking turning over that surf spot London approach

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