Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


24 hours in Brugge, Belgium

it was that or Gent

our place on the right, right on the water part of the city hall complex boats pass by our window on a regular basis like Circular Quay with all the guided tour boats De Burg Brugse Vrije, the court house next to city hall Stadhuis, city hall details on city hall another charming looking hotel near the torenbrug Walking along the Gouden Handrei I can't help but wonder what their basements must be like cool so much history and then look who we meet up with, none other than FJFW director Ellen Whippy Knight, hellooo beautiful house, look how tall the windows are on the first floor so what do you do when you have Fijians to meet up with in Brugge, why you take them to the oldest Belgian Cafe and introduce them to Belgium beer and down a couple of Brugse Zotafter a couple of beers time for a little wander, Spiegelrie to the grote markt and introduce Ellen to Duvel, another Belgian beer so what do you after you had a few Duvel's, get on mini merry go round of course :-) class act :-) more wandering around and admire the work on the Basillica of the Holy Blood and this is a building with such elaborate detail knights on guard definitely a story behind all of this detail love it and on city hall entrance to the court hosue time to think about dinner Fish house, now a chocolate store relais bourgondisch cruyce, 4 noble houses, built in the middle ages and joined in 1720's and we lucked in with a fantastic view of that building from our dinner table in the Duc de Bourgogne fabulous night in a fabulous restaurant highly recommend this restaurant, up until the 2000's this was a very uppity restaurant, but a local took it over and opened it up and did away with the stuffiness but kept the historya stroll in Brugge after dinner and we're not the only ones appreciating this view nice now...where are those waffles get back to our hotel room and look out the window and greeted by a graceful swan goodnight next morning, seat where I took last nights photo from our canal for the night/day too early for the boats still Duc De Bourgogne, where we had our dinner last night looking for a good coffee and neuzekes tours have started, can you see Jacqui last few minutes before checking out absorbing the moment and view

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