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Favignana, Italy boat day

Arrived in Favignana yesterday afternoon and now, next day, it is boat day :-)

girls, ready for boat dayanchor securerented this fab little boat for the day and she goes good girls getting ready to enter this incredibly clear water with schools of fish everywhere lovesnorkel time opposite directioBelle taken on my phone btw move to another spot where there is a caveswim to the cave off they go getting a little choppy, but out of the wind in this spot getting very windy out there though cavelook how clear in the cave they go love so hot in the sun, nice to get into a bit of shade can't stop banging on about this clarity, stunning on top of the cave just us back to boatnext spot, and it is a popular spot Cala Rossa, beautiful, but busy todayneed the sun shade Jacqui goes in again so clear and you can see the fish Jacqui has this unique ability to just float in the water, with her arms behind her backgo on, you try and see if you can do itneighbour divelove these colours and clarity reminds me of our trip to Tahiti trying to get a half in half out photo bit hard on the phone need the big Aquatech dome we give it a go anyway to show the landscape and underwater nearly ah well the fish loved the show so many shots on the go-protime to leave pull up anchor then out of the bay and back to the marina, what a great day on Favignana

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