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Favignana, Italy beekeeping

Great to see there is thriving beekeeping happening on the island

after my swim from the rundown hotel I continue on up some random dirt track and I spot this green box over the wall and 2 more on the water tank thick with dark bees and another one in the doorway it's the Favignana security system looks healthy, can only imagine what's inside more walls, and more honey boxes little salamander not fussed by the bees all the stone cutting on Favignana, creates little nooks and crannies to place your boxes and sure enough, 4 more and on the other side another 5 all looking very healty colonies busy entrances, but unlike mine, there does not seem to be as much "traffic" the coming and going of bees, but the entrance certainly does look busy carved out very dry the stone on this side of the Island is soft, and a lot of "backyard" quarries great places for some gardens, like the place we are staying at and some locals have built their houses down below as it would be a lot cooler in summer, and warmer in winter away from the seabreeze

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