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London > Milan BA588

London done so time to fly to Milan

loading up BA has done this dumb thing where they sell cheaper economy class tickets which don't include checked luggage, so obviously majority of economy passengers opt for the cheaper ticket and rock up with "just hand luggage"  which is always slowing down boarding, especially on full flights like this one, where there is no room to store all those " small hand luggage " bagsso at the gate a lot of passengers end up having their " hand luggage " bags tagged ready to go 2 plus me taxi and one take off not yet not yet, another 2 weeks before I get on that one :-) BA T5 C BA T5 B through the clouds crossing the channel France Charles De Gaulle Airport Paris so this time ( as opposed to last flight ) I can see Meaux properly we're not alone Chambfleury Lac du Der Saint-Dizier Golbey Moselle River running through Epinal Lac de Longemer and can still see some of the ski runs at La Bresse-Hohneck Gerardmer Le Hohneck Rhine Valley, and interesting round town Neuf-Brisach
Neuf-Brisach is a fortified town and commune of the department of Haut-Rhin in the French region of Alsace. The fortified town was intended to guard the border between France and the Holy Roman Empire and, subsequently, the German states.Wikipedia
France on the left, Germany on the right and Bremgarten airport Rhine river, separating  Germany from Switzerland, and a nuclear plant in Switzerland ( right on the border ) Hallwilersee in foreground, then Zurich and Lake Zurich and GreifenseeAlps coming up Lucerne and Lake Lucerne Buochs Aiport Switzerland Engelberg ski resort Sustenhorn Andermatt Not much snow on this side Italian side still looks pretty with the mist Locarno slowly descending now Monte Gradiccioli stand corrected, this is the Swiss Italy border bottom of the photo Switzerland , top Italy descending surprise, don't usually fly in from this direction, but pretty much flying just over Milan , the north side of MilanParco delle Cave coming into landFligth path takenSatellite photo taken around time of flight

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