Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Paris > London > Singapore > Sydney

Once Couture shows were done it was time to head back to Sydney

taxing Paris airport turning for take off missed out on that one take off, can just make out Montparnasse and Eifel tower breaking through the clouds crossing the channel Hastings burbs of London Twickenham super cool sun ray reflections landed, looks more like a US airport than London 3-4 hours later, and now, it looks like we are at Dubai airport- but flying Kangaroo does not fly there anymore pulling out and we're next9 well, it ended up taking another 30 min, so missed that sunset on take off I was looking forward to ) about 12 hours later, approaching Singapore always so many boats off Singapore banking, nice colours had to do a full loop coming into land then the next flight was the overnight flight to Sydney and we arrived just before sunrise, so no photos of that leg

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