Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Alicante>Madrid IB8861

Quick visit to see my parents, and we're off again to the next shoot, flying over a dry looking Spain ( even though they had quite a wet winter )

First a couple of shots before leaving never tire of this view Granadella from a different angle Torre del Cap d'Or and Cala el Raco hehind Cueva del Llop Mari down at the bottom there somewhere nice little outpost Ambolo beach. Last swim for the day, I wonder if this family know it is a nudist beach nice little pebble beach, lovely for a swim, but on a hot day, by the time you walked back to the top you are ready for another swim :-) amongst all the traditional Spanish Villa's you see this place with a sculpture of a man enjoying the view this view last look and it's back to bus boarding Arenals del Sol take offdel Sol beach and looking up to Monte Faro, looks like a good day for windsurfing, but where are they all Big headland at Benidorm sticking out Just north of Alicante looking all the way up to Villajoyosa I like the look of that place down there with the natural looking port, Cala del Morro Blanc Highway going north, and just can't see Montgo at Xabia heading inland to Madrid getting close to Madrid when I see the Embalse de Buendia we're not alone, as we do a full circle to lower to landing height full circle and back to the Buendia Buendia Cuenca Nautical Club in the bend, Mares de Castilla just looks dry Fields around Mondejar coming into land colour wise, you could be forgiven for thinking I was landing in Melbourne on a hot summer day, looks similartrack of today's flight

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