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Paris>Madrid>Alicante for a few days of relaxation

Paris finished, time to head south and visit the folks

not a fan of bus boarding, not a fan of T3 at CDG full stop, but hey, still happy to be getting on a plane and heading south oooh, the goold ole days I never got to take part in would have loved to flown one of these, imagine if they had these flying europe to Sydney. Bit of a tease to have this on display as you taxi past for take offone leaving one landing take off, Aulnay Sur Bois, but I don't really see much, if any BoisStad De France in the foreground, and if you look close enough you can see Montparnasse and Eifel Tower in the middle Lile Saint Denis Can see all the high rise leading up to the Grande Arche De La Defense love this, Grand Arche De La Defense, leading up the Porte Maillot, then the Arc De Triomphe, Champs-Elysees, Concord, Tuileries and the LouvreChateauneuf-sur-Loire on the mighty Loire River French countryside clouds, and in the distance doesn't look we will get a look in at the Pyrenees crossing into Spain La Tejera Reservoir The colour of the water Closer to Madrid, Pantano de Entrepenas coming into land 12 min out Mondejarthis, to me, is un-mistakingly Spanish Country sideLike a painting Quarry near Perales de Tajuna Bridge over the Arroyo Pantueno, but not much of a river Madrid SkylinePath takenNow for next flight bus board again smaller plane this time, with boarding at rear of the plane, and you can just see the door open for baggage at front of the plane one of these is my window seat taking of same tie as another plane Seville I'm guessing into the rain The M-50 rain on dry Spanish countryside looks refreshing only a short flight so we don't climb as high as most other flights lot of rain clouds around, which for Spain is a good thing, as the center is so dry Sierra Salinas coming into land landed, and friggin easy jet trailing us bus off load made it destination Spanish colours Parents house will be some relaxing, eating and drinking going on here.
You could too if interested

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