Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Natandola Fiji sunset at Intercontinental Resort

Last light surf

view from our room It's all about the horses and sunset at this place love love all of these photos coming sorry to bore you, but I just love these colours the reflections, and a lone surfer waiting for a wave right on sunset little bump rolling in and past me this is the left out the front, and predicting this will be good in 2 days when the swell picks uphe's on it local surfer love and another one, coming in on this one walking back to the room, and can see the mini lefts what a view love this place just as I'm about to walk back, I hear that all familiar sound, of the leg rope clapping against a fibre glass surfboard, as a young little grommet runs down from one of the rooms behind mehe's going for a super late session, so I swim out again as the colours are just too good glassy getting dark wouldn't do this in Sydney, shark feeding timelittle one love perfect little left and there goes young Max from Cronulla keen little frother and woauw !!! look at those colours now and the rays mesmerizing he's on one magic print please only a surfer knows the feeling

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