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Captain Maik from Nabila Village Fiji, takes me out to Tavarua

Today is my surfing day, and I love coming here so much, one day I will have the funds to stay a week at Tavarua and do this everyday for a week :-)

Boat hanging out in the mangroves, when there is a wave here, means its big out there vip parking the look on her face :-) locals here comes Captain Maik caddy coming out as well Captain Maik, let's go Restaurants is on, tide a bit high still ( don't want to be here on low tide though ) and can just see Namotu Island in the background fun wave, still some bombs coming through and a strong current pushing down so no one out the back, just on the shoulder so we go look at Cloudbreak, inside section little inside one, yes, I say little as there still some bombs out the back but the inside you still get rewarded pulling in and I swear this is a North Narrabeen guy, he's got that Craig " Tooky " Stephan style of surfing love this shot lining up just got pipped stiff morning breeze now this is a sick section still going will he make it yes and a nice hack to finish yew I swear, Tooky protege nice oh oh that's a broken board coming up Captain Maik, after Covid shut down, happy to be back out there, taking surfers out for the session of their life yep, broken board this guy has it dialed in ok, lets go check swimming pools never surfed here but weird how it is open in the same direction as cloudbreak, but no way near as big here back to Restaurants, and it is firing why do they call it restaurants, because it is out front of the Restaurant at Tavarua and then apparently that's Kelly's place ok my turn to head out power surfing great hack and lining up for another had so much fun, was a bit sketchy still with some bombs rolling in every 20 min back on land, my caddy he looks good with my board Tavarua on the horizon so Maik is back in business and you can reach him here on his facebook page for bookings

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